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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cell-phones were created to kill time. Most of us would agree with the fact that we humans are spending most of our daily hours on the phone. The mobile has moved on from just a device to communicate to something way bigger and better. It’s actually hard to live without a phone in this age. Today we don’t own mobile phones, we own Smartphones. Smartphone that gives us answers, takes us to places and make us a part of global communities through applications that not only connect but complete us. You may hate to admit it, but we are lost without our phones.

Smartphone’s have created a huge business opportunities for sellers through the space of mobile ads and mobile marketing. Download any application and you’d be greeted with pop-ups of various enterprises selling their goods and services to you.  Almost all of the E-commerce sites have mobile applications that have been actively contributing to the company’s sales.

 Did you know?

 Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online.

Most Indian E-commerce players have been promoting and offering discounts on purchases made through their mobile apps.  The biggest move by Myntra to shut down their website and be available only on the mobile application interface was seen by many as a surprising business move. Why did they do so? They want their users who spend most of their time on their smartphones to be hooked on to their mobile application. Flipkart has announced plans to follow suit in September 2015.

Did you know?

The number of Indian smart phone shopping app users has jumped to 54% in May 15, from just 21% a year ago, according to new data.

The year 2015 promises to be the year of the mobile shopping application. The Indian shopper has embraced shopping on the go using their favorite accessory-their smartphone. Advertising spends by E-commerce giants on marketing campaigns as well as easy access to smartphones has led to a humongous growth in penetration. The added feature of discounts and sale periods are in sync with traditional festivals and holidays. Earlier, it was a widespread belief was that women will adopt and drive mobile shopping.


However, data from real-time smartphone usage tracking reveals some unexpected facts about the reach of mobile shopping in India. It has been noted that Indian men are driving the adoption and growth in mobile shopping. The fact that men love technology and are often the ones who make the payment has given them an upper hand when it comes to mobile shopping. Also, most women expect women to the men to complete a transaction on phone post comparing costs.  Thus we see a host of customers are making the big switch from e-commerce to m-commerce.

Around 120 million Indian mobile Internet users have experienced shopping through mobile applications. The liberty to shop at any given time, at any place gives M-Commerce an augmented edge.  From cab services to furniture, books to grocery, automobiles to hotel bookings, mobile shopping is as simple and quick as clicking a selfie.

Yet the reality of Indian mobile industry is the smartphones are still only ‘Situational Smartphones’ as most mobile service providers offer inconsistent services. A lot of us Indians are offline even with a smartphone. According to the report ‘India @ Digital published by the Boston Consulting Group and Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of India (IAMAI), 2015, the projected penetration of the internet is just 19% in India compared to 50% in China and 61% in Brazil. With 81% of people living without internet access in India, and the remaining 19% having limited access – in terms of low bandwidth and speeds. Thus M-Commerce may have a flourishing future. However its evolution will be a gradual and grand process.


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