Whether you’re selling a shirt or a car-wrap service, if you wish to market your business online the best way to do it is by creating some kick-ass content! The reason we suggest you do so is becausecreating important content helps build trust and keeps people informed. The right content when shared on social media acts as effective Search engine optimization plug in. Content marketing helps you attract and convert prospects into customers, and avid customers into recurring buyers thus ensuring a loyal following.

The coupling of content and commerce can help create a lifestyle destination that keep shoppers enthusiastic and informed. Content Marketing in today’s market scenario also acts as weapon to fight competition, fine tune you’re SEO and create a distinguished brand name for your product. A very fine example of a virtual market place using the power of content and commerce is Etsy. Etsy profiles its artists and features and array of DIY projects while effectively using social media especially Instagram to promotes its business.

Birch box on the other hand runs a blog that is packed with “how-to” guides and style tips, thus creating high quality content and ensuring its customers are engaged with the brand interactively. One can even buy the products featured on the Blog post as buying has been integrated intelligently.

A lot of B2B companies are using Pinterest effectively to market their products and tell the customers how they contribute to their daily lives. We now list down other powerful ways of creating impactful content for your community of loyal users.

  1. Create How-To Video: Believe me You Tube is full of them and they work amazingly! If you have a product that needs a formal explanation on how it should be assembled or dislodges or maybe used differently… get down to business and make some quick videos.
  2. Photo Heavy Content- It always works! Your customers may not read your statuses but an attractive image always catches the eye. Pinterest and Instagram are amplifying brands and people with visually intelligent content.
  3. Be your own publisher: Red Bull calls itself a publisher of its own brand and often ranks high as a content marketer brand. Set up your own space where your community can get in touch with you. Having your own virtual space will also ensure heavy traffic towards your media outlet.
  4. Get creative with the FAQ’s: get your sarcastically smart hat on and write an FAQ page that is literally awesome! Go out of the way to make it an interesting read.
  5. Keep Calm and Content on: Well I read that somewhere and it definitely holds true. Be it the E-commerce sites, the big daddy brand or niche ones all of them are taking advantage of content power. We suggest you take it to the next level with your brand too.

Content is no cake walk but when done effectively it will drive your E-commerce efforts to another great level. Ignite the content marketing flame and take your online business to newer horizons by combining the powers of content and commerce!

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