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The one buzz word that has been ringing in the universe of all things associated with work and endless hectic work is START-UP. Most of us are discussing start-up and the work culture associated with one. Young entrepreneurs are encroaching over the industry landscape and filling the gaps.  The reason they’ve taken the world by storm is because most Start-up are progressive work spaces that encourage creativity, individualism and freedom of structural hierarchy. The talent pool in a start-up is its core strength. The success of a start-up depends on its workforce. And let me tell you, most people associated with a start-up are driven and motivated to create something of value. If you’re working with a start-up you’re definitely a risk taker as remuneration as well as success is skewed in spite of being an individual driven by some mission! Success at a start-up is a gradual process.  So what is it like working in a start-up? What is the work culture like? Well we have a few answers.


What to expect at a Start-Up?

The first thing most people mention when you mention start-up culture is the work-life balance. Or in some cases, the immediate lack of work-life balance. Start-ups are filled with people who are passionate about seeing a product or service come to life, and that usually hours of hard work, blood and sweat!

Why take the start-up route?

Start-ups are best if you’re looking for personal growth, the upside is that start-up value initiative. So if you want to grow professionally, this is the place for you. You have to adapt, and move from one set of duties to another as the startup grows. Your role will change, and you will learn to do different jobs. That’s what’s great about it though, you get to take on multiple positions.

The perks are exciting too. The atmosphere at a start-up is easy-breezy and informal. Generally, in big companies we are lost in processes, start-up offers a learning advantage. However, in a start-up responsibilities assigned to each member is big and the dynamism which comes with it is enormous. A startup helps you learn all the aspects of a business whereas in a M.N.C you stick to job roles and rules. The small office helps you know your co-workers well and create close bonds.


What are the glitches of being associated with a start-up?

It entails a complicated or almost zero social life. Your parents may not be cool about you starting your own venture or working for a company that gives their child no time to rest. Your partner may feel ignored and replying to texts or calls at work will be difficult. Your friends may feel you’re being too ambitious or are running after something for no reason. You’ll have people doubt your skills and passion at every step. But amidst all this clutter, you’d find the people who believe in you and would be there to help you no matter what. Sleep will just be a word. Sleep would become an indulgence rather than a routine. One sound advice would be to save some money and travel once in a while, take recharge intervals. Let’s be realistic, the jobs hectic.

Swidos – Start Up Diaries:

When we started with Swidos in 2014, we knew we were jumping into the fiery bandwagon of upcoming digital start-ups. The decision wasn’t an easy one from sourcing funds to pooling in talent and creating client relationships that last, it has been all been an ongoing and everlasting process. Our young and determined force at Swidos has helped us reach where we are today. The sleepless nights, work Saturdays, work from home Sundays and extended work weekdays we’ve been there and done it all. And we’d do it again and again because we love what we do.

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We believe that all work and no play make Jack a dull Boy. If you happen to stop by Swidos over coffee, you’d be greeted by happy young faces tapping their feet to an extreme mix of music. Our ways to break ice is by getting out of the city and take a quick trip to an amusement park – Arabs Imagica or jam over post work and sing away to glory with our artistic lot. At Swidos the motto is ‘Do what you love’. The boss’s door is always open! We are open to your ideas and creativity. The transition from an intern to a lead is swift and totally dependent on the kind of work you do. We are open for all those who want to work playfully, our works not some load and we don’t believe in hiring donkeys. Jokes apart, Swidos is a fun place buzzing with ideas and energy.

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The online space in India has been evasive and we at Swidos have been fortunate enough to find our niche amongst both B2B and B2C clients. We operate across four prime verticals namely E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Website Development and Branded Content. We are helping businesses take over the virtual world and the journey gets better and better with every milestone achieved. Working with start-up is definitely an amazing experience and you’ll enjoy it for sure. Treat it like a road to self discovery. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and life in general.

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