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The virtual marketplace is a very competitive platform. As a business it is essential one captures the online space as excelling online is not easy a prospect. The virtual space is full of sellers selling the same product. As a consumer makes two choices, one as to what product he should purchase and the second being the seller they are going to buy that product from. Now the question arises, if all sellers are selling the same product, how to make sure that the consumer chooses to buy it from you? The best way to get people to buy your product is to employ ways that build and quantify trustworthiness.

Product Ratings, Seller Ratings and Customer Reviews are essential for selling effectively online. A seller rating point is an ideal mark of reference that provides us a way of judging a seller’s performance and is often checked by consumers when purchasing a product.

A lot of times online portals lose business as consumers tend to not trust the platform. The sellers along with the online e-commerce portals need to win and sustain this very trust.  A customer pays upfront to receive goods or services that are delivered much later thus it is the duty of the online platform and the seller to deliver it to the customers in a good condition. As an online portal, it is expected of sellers to abide by and follow the standards of professionalism. Very often customers tend to forget the fact that it is not Amazon, SnapDeal or any other portal selling those products rather they are just intermediary channels to buy a sellers or manufacturers offerings. It is only when customers visit the site they realize the structure and nature of the chain. This is when the Sellers rating points define his credibility and good service.

Finding it difficult to manage your brand portfolio across various e-commerce platforms? Well, Swidos has been handling e-commerce operations for an array of B2B as well as B2C clients. As an online business partner, Swidos simplifies your online selling process, thus providing you with a competitive advantage.

Our E-commerce services include:

  1. Product picture and Description Uploads
  2. Weekly Stock and Pricing Update
  3. Direct Shipment to Customer
  4. Pre and Post Purchase Inquiry
  5. Sales Monthly Analysis
  6. Dispatch Information
  7. Courier Tie Ups
  8. Email Support

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At Swidos we can help e-commerce business owners and proprietors like you- construct, sustain and persistently update your product database across multiple virtual market-spaces. As a business owner you know it yourself that maintaining and updating your product database across multiple market places is not an easy task. Let us share your burden and help you manage your overall virtual presence complete with detailed information.

If you’re looking at collating a creative and extensively detailed catalogue about your various products and its different variants, Swidos can help you make one. With Multi-Channel Marketing we help you get all the information regarding your product sales as well as statistics about the sites that garner huge traffic for your product sales. In Order Management we provide you with updated information regarding the dispatch of orders. Customer Management is undertaken through the maintenance of customer records, reviews and building a rapport with them on behalf of the company.

Swidos undoubtedly, is your one stop destination for setting up your own e-commerce store to marking your presence across multiple online marketplaces. From integrating and collaborating with vendors to interacting as well as providing quality service to your customers, we take care of each and everything. Thus leaving you with ample time to invigorate and manage your products with business proficiency.

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